ELIS 2014 Manual

ELIS Roles

Assigning User Sets

In a similar fashion to assigning a Manager user to administer a user, a Manager can be assigned to a user set, and thus be able to edit the user set.

Assigning a role in a user set

To assign a user to manage a user set, first select the Manage User Sets link (1) and select a user set, then select the Roles tab (2). On the roles tab, select the role (3) you wish to assign users to in this user set.

Assigning a role in a user set

On the roles screen:
  1. Use the filter to search for users.
  2. Select a user to assign the role to.
  3. Select the "Assign roles" button.
In this example a user is being assigned the User Set Administrator role in a user set, ACME Corporation. Some permissions that are enabled for this type of role are:
  • local/elisprogram:assign_userset_user_class_instructor
  • local/elisprogram:associate
  • local/elisprogram:class_enrol_userset_user
  • local/elisprogram:class_view
  • local/elisprogram:course_view
  • local/elisprogram:program_enrol_userset_user
  • local/elisprogram:track_enrol_userset_user
  • local/elisprogram:user_view
  • local/elisprogram:user_edit
  • local/elisprogram:userset_enrol_userset_user
  • local/elisprogram:userset_view
When a user set administrator also has a role assigned within a program context with the permissions to view, create, and delete tracks, the administrator will be able to view, create, and delete track instances of that program. Then the tracks he or she creates can be assigned to the user set. Likewise, the administrator could also assign the user set or user set users to the tracks he/she has created.