ELIS 2014 Manual

ELIS Roles

Program Administrator Role

A user can be assigned the managers role or an administrator role for an entire program in the same way as we saw in the previous examples, by selecting the Roles tab of the program, selecting the role you want to assign, and then assigning a user or users to the role in the program.

Assigning a role in a program

Once an administrator has been assigned to the program, they can see their assigned program when they login and select the Manage Programs link.

Using a program administrator role

Now the Program Administrator can (depending on the permissions given to the role) edit the program information, add or remove user sets, view the courses assigned, set pre-requisites and co-requisites, and add or remove courses. The Program Administrator can also view and edit the users in his/her program, and add or remove users (if the role has been given that permission).

Using a program administrator role

Because Tracks are a subset of a Program, a Program Administrator is often given permission to manage the tracks of the program as well. In this case, they can edit the details, user sets, and users assigned to a track, as well as the classes assigned to the track. In the image above there is one track instance of the program the user is assigned the role in. If the user selects the Add Track button in this example they will only be able to create tracks that are instances of the program they have the role in.