ELIS 2014 Manual

Setting up Tracks

Using tracks to auto-enroll

Tracks are the mechanism in ELIS to auto-enroll users.

In order to use ELIS to auto-enroll users, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create course descriptions in ELIS.

2. Create a program and add course descriptions to it. When a program has course descriptions set to required, track instances of that program will have auto-created classes automatically set to auto-enroll. Class instances auto-created for course descriptions that are not required will have auto-enroll set to No.

3. Create a new track from that program. If you enable auto-create, the track will create the class instances.
Adding track page

4. Set the class instances to auto-enroll in the track. Select the Edit icon for a class to open the window with auto-enroll settings.
Class Instances tab of a track

When class instances are auto-created by ELIS, the maximum number of students for the class is set to zero by default. If set to zero, there will be no limit to the amount of users enrolled in the class instance. Be sure to set the maximum number of students for the class if there is a class limit.

If the user/users have not completed a prerequisite course for the class, they will not be added to the class or waitlist until the prerequisite has been completed.

5. Assign a user/users to the track. Users can be assigned individually or by user sets. The following image is showing the User Sets tab of the track, available to assign screen. After selecting the assign icon for a user set a confirmation window appears with auto-enroll settings

User sets tab of track, available to assign screen

Users added to the track by the user set:
Users tab of a track

The user set of users that were added to the track were auto-enrolled in the classes of the track.

If the first class of the track is a prerequisite of the second class, users won't be auto-enrolled in the 2nd class until the 1st class is completed. If there are no prerequisites for the second class, the users will be auto-enrolled in both classes at once.