ELIS 2014 Manual

Setting Up Class Instances

Role Assignment and Enrollment Synchronization

Instructors and students can be enrolled in ELIS Class Instances by syncing roles to the student/instructor enrollments. There is an admin setting that must be enabled for this synchronization to work. To edit the setting go to the Program Management block > Admin > Configuration > Enrollment role sync settings. The default setting is N/A.

Enrollment role sync settings
  1. Student role - For this example the Student role has been selected from the drop down menu. So if a user is assigned the student role for a class they will be automatically enrolled as a student in the class. If "Guest" were selected from the drop down menu then any user assigned the guest role for a class would be enrolled as a student. The users enrolled as students will be shown on the Enrollments tab of the class.
  2. Instructor role - The same applies to the instructor role. This is set to the Teacher role now. Any user assigned the teacher role in this class will be enrolled as an instructor. They will be shown on the Instructor tab.


Enrollments tab of a class

In this example 2 students were added to the class via the standard 'Enroll Students' screen while the 3rd was added to the ELIS Roles tab for this class, and synchronized to the class enrollment list.

Roles tab of a class

If we navigate to the Roles tab and select the Student role, we can see the user who is enrolled here on the Assigned screen and synchronized to the ELIS (and Moodle) class list.

Assigning a student role in a class

Next on the Unassigned screen, we add the student David to the student role on the Roles tab and click Assign roles.

Enrollments tab of a class

Due to the Enrollment role synchronization setting above, David is added to the class list, and enrolled in the Moodle class.

Real world use case:

In the real world, this feature could be used when a user needed to have a special permissions over the ELIS Class Instance as well as be enrolled in the CI itself. For example, a moderator or tutor student might need to be able to change settings or view completion information in the ELIS class context, while also needing to be able to participate in forums, etc. in the Moodle class.

Without synchronization, uses used to have to assign the roles twice, once in the enrollments screen, and again in the roles tab.


Note that users are currently NOT synchronized from the Enrollments tab back to the ELIS Roles tab, so the students above that were added to the class enrollments screen via "Enroll Student" (Alice and Robert) are not added to the ELIS roles tab for the class.