ELIS 2014 Manual


Class Roster Report

The standard Class Roster Report shows enrolled users in an ELIS class along with the user's email address from his/her Moodle profile. There is also a Show Advanced button in the report filter which enables additional fields to be added to the report.

This report is particularly useful to instructors of classroom/face-to-face classes.

Report Requirements

There are no requirements for this report.

Report Filter

The standard Class Roster report filter has two fields, Course and Class. First select a course, then select a class instance of the course. There are no required fields for the report filter.

Class roster report filter

Select the "+ Show more" link at the bottom of the filter page to add additional fields to the report.

Class roster report filter with Show more link selected

The image below shows a sample Class Roster report.

Explanation of report data:
  1. Course - Course description name
  2. Class - Class Instance name
  3. Instructors - Instructor name
  4. Student - user enrolled in the class. Selecting a user name will link you to their ELIS user profile page.
  5. Email - email address from user's Moodle profile.
  6. ID Number - this field was added with the advanced filter. It shows the id numbers of the users.
Class roster report

To change report options, click on the "Configure Parameters" icon located in the upper left corner of the report.

To schedule the report to run at specific time(s) in the future, select the "Schedule Reports" icon in the upper right corner of the report. For details on setting report parameters when scheduling reports, please see the report scheduling documentation.

The report can be exported in PDF or CSV format. To export the report, select either the "Download PDF" or "Download CSV" icons located in the upper left corner of the report. The report will download locally to your computer.

Report data can be updated automatically, without needing to go back to the report parameters, by clicking the "Refresh" button located at the bottom center of the report page.