ELIS 2014 Manual

Setting Up Class Instances

Class Manager Role

In this use case we are creating a role for a class manager. The requirements for this role are:
  • Editing users status in any class on the site and
  • Viewing and downloading the class roster report in any class on the site.
This role should be assigned to users at the system level to enable access to all classes on the site. To limit this role to a limited number of classes, assign the role to users in class instances, on the class Roles tab.

Creating the Role

To create the role go to the Administration block > Site Administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles and then select the Add a new role button at the bottom of the page. The following 4 permissions are enabled for this role:
  1. View ELIS reports - local/elisreports:view
  2. Manage class instance enrollments - local/elisprogram:class_enrol
  3. View class instance - local/elisprogram:class_view
  4. Manage track enrollments - local/elisprogram:track_enrol

Assigning the Role

To assign system level roles go to the Administration block > Site Administration > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles. Select the role you want to assign a user to.

Assigning a system level role

Then select the user and assign them the role. The following image is showing the screen:
  1. There is a search capability in case you have a lot of users on your site
  2. Select the user you want to assign the role to
  3. Then select the Add button to assign the role.
Assigning a system role

Class Manager Assistant

The user assigned the role at the system level will be able to:

  1. Access all the classes on the site by going to the Program Management block > Program > Manage Class Instances.
  2. Select classes by their ID Number on the Manage Class Instances screen to link to the class.
  3. Classes can also be linked to by selecting one of the icons on the right side of the class row.

Manage Class Instances link and screen

Once linked to the class the user can select the Enrollments tab of the class to edit user status/grades. Note that the user assigned this role only has access to the class tabs that the role has permission for. On Enrollments tab:
  1. The Currently Enrolled screen opens if users have been added to the class.
  2. To enroll users in the class select the Enroll Students link, it opens a screen with a similar interface used for enrolling users.
  3. To edit grades for a user select the Edit icon for a user to open the grading interface. Select the green check icon to complete the editing.
  4. Drag and drop users in the the Bulk Edits box (or select the Add All Search Results button) to assign the same grade to a group of users. Once users are added to the bulk edit box select the Edit icon to open the grading interface. Note that learning objectives can't be graded when using bulk edit, as in previous versions.
Enrollments tab of a class

The other requirement for this role is to enable the viewing and downloading of the Class Roster Report. The user selects the Reports tab of the Class to view the links that generate the Class Roster Report and Class Completion Report.

Class Manager reports tab for a class

The next image shows the class roster report generated above. The reports shows:
  • The course name
  • The class id number
  • The name of students enrolled in the class and their email.
Class Manager view of a report

Select the report icons in the upper left hand corner to:
  1. Configure the report. This is a system level role, on the configure report screen a report can be generated for any class on the site.
  2. Download a PDF version of the report.
  3. Download an excel version of the report.