ELIS 2014 Manual

Admin Folder

ELIS Health Page and Support

ELIS has an internal system for monitoring itself for problems known as the the Health Check. Problems are reported here, and in many cases solutions as well. The Health Check is accessed from the ELIS Administrator block > Admin > Health Check.

When inputting a support ticket or call, it helps us help you more rapidly if you can include your ELIS version and if there are any Problems indicated on the the ELIS health page.

For example. the Health page below indicates that there is an issue with this ELIS site, and suggests a solution as well.

ELIS health check

Severe ELIS problems are displayed in Red, less severe ones in Yellow. Clicking the "Solution" button will show you the solution. Some of the Solutions you may be able to perform yourself, others will require you to enter a support ticket. Solutions have a unique URL, Remote-Learner support will be able to respond more quickly if you include this URL in your support ticket.

If you don't understand the solution or don't want to work on it yourself, don't worry, just let our support staff know about it, and we'll get it fixed - that is what we are here for!

Health check solution with url

ETL Process Message:

There is a message that displays the status of the ETL process on the ELIS health page. In ELIS versions,, and the way this is calculated and presented has changed. Now the ETL process data shows the percentage of time processed so far, how many records were processed, and an estimate of how long it will take to process the remaining records.