ELIS 2014 Manual

ELIS Course Sets

The course sets feature is available in ELIS 2.7+. Course Sets are a sub-group of courses that are assigned to an ELIS Program. At the ELIS Program level each sub-group may be assigned a number of ELIS credits and/or ELIS courses that must be completed within each sub-group. This feature adds another level of organization for courses and programs in ELIS.

The course set created in this example will contain general employee development courses. This sub-group of courses will be assigned to all programs. The programs in this example contain specific courses for different departments of a company. So while each program contains different courses relevant to each department, this sub-group of courses will be the same in every program.

To add a course set go to the ELIS Administration block > Program > Manage Course Sets > Add Course Set button.

Adding a course set

Once the course set is created we are presented with a page similar to the other ELIS program pages. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate.

Course set course descriptions tab

Selecting the course descriptions tab opens a page to add courses to the course set. To add course descriptions:
  1. Select the Available To Assign link
  2. Assign the courses by selecting the green Assign icon to the right of the course or
  3. Drag and drop the courses into the Bulk Assignment box as shown in this example
  4. Select the green Assign link
  5. Confirm the assignment by selecting the green check icon

Assigning courses to a course set

Go to the Currently Assigned link to view the courses assigned to the course set.

Currently assigned screen of course set

To assign the course set to a program:
  1. Select the Programs tab
  2. Select the Available to Assign link
  3. Select the green Assign icon located to the right of the program
  4. An assignment section opens and the required amount of credits or courses required for the course set in this program are entered, for this example both courses are required
  5. Select the green Check icon to confirm the assignment
Course set program assignment

Course Sets can also be assigned to programs or course descriptions by going to the Course Sets tab of a program or course description.

Reports that display course set information include: