ELIS 2014 Manual

ELIS 2.7 from a Learners Perspective

Programs Widget

This example will demonstrate how a learner uses the new Programs Widget.

First the Programs Widget or block is added. In this example learners will access the Programs block on their My Home page. The block has been added to the middle column. Administrators can adjust settings for the block by going to the ELIS Administration block> Admin > Widget Settings > Programs Widget.

The two main use cases for user enrollment in ELIS are auto-enroll and self-enroll. This example is covering self-enroll. For self-enroll we want to:

  1. Create Moodle courses, optional
  2. Create matching ELIS course descriptions that are linked to the Moodle courses
  3. Create ELIS class instances that in this example will be linked to the same Moodle courses as the course descriptions
  4. Create a program(s) and optionally a course set(s), then assign the ELIS course descriptions to the program. For this example all the courses are required in the program and course set.
  5. Enroll the user in the program. This will allow the user to choose from all available class instances of course descriptions in the program.

Now login as the user assigned to the program. The learner navigates to the My Home page or is directed there. The programs widget/block is displayed in the middle column. The program Progress Bar is located to the right of the program. Selecting the arrow next to the program opens additional information. A new feature in ELIS versions 2.7.7+ and 2.8.5+ allows users to search programs in the programs widget.

Learners view of the program widget

Once the program information is opened we see all the course sets and courses assigned to the program.

  1. To view the courses assigned to the course set select the arrow next to the name of the course set.
  2. The Planning a Project course has already been completed by the user.
  3. Select the arrow next to a course to view more information about the course, including a list of available classes.
  4. Use the Enroll link next to class instances to enroll in the class
  5. Multiple classes can be listed.

Learners view of the programs widget

ELIS adds a confirmation pop-up window when the learner selects the Enroll link for a class, shown in the next image. Select the Yes button to confirm enrollment.

Learner self enrolling in class

If the max number of users are already assigned to the class, the learner is assigned to the class waitlist. Select the Leave link to unenroll from the waitlist.

Programs widget with waitlist view

If the learner tries to enroll in a course description with a prerequisite course that has not been completed by the user, there will be a message stating 'Prerequisites not complete' below the course description. Classes will show Unavailable when a class end date has passed or the user is already enrolled or on the waitlist for another instance of the class.

Programs widget with prerequisite course message

For sites with many classes to choose from, the new search/filter capabilities for courses, classes, and course sets will be helpful. It may also be beneficial in other instances, e.g. if there are only a couple classes to search but each one has a detailed description that takes up space in the block. Search allows the learners to easily find the class they want without scrolling.

To edit the settings for the filters, admin users can go to the ELIS Administration block > Admin > Widget Settings > Programs Widget. Any ELIS custom fields for courses, classes, or course sets can be added here in addition to some standard ELIS fields.

Learners select the (1) search icon next to a course, class, or course set in the Programs widget to customize the filter and add fields for filtering. In the example below a (2) custom class field is being added to the filter.

Class filter in the Programs Widget

The custom class field has now been added to the filter.

Class filter in the programs widget

This is a text entry field, when I select the custom field a text box opens for filtering the Groups And Teamwork classes. As soon as text is entered the filter starts working in real-time.

Class filter in the programs widget

The learner can add all the filters allowed in the settings. Fields can be removed from the filter list by selecting the X to the right of the field box.

ELIS 2.7.3 Improvements

Once a learner has enrolled in a class the programs widget updates the class details to show the student as enrolled. If the class is linked to a Moodle course, then a 'Moodle course' link will be listed with the class as shown in the next image.

Programs widget Moodle course link

When the learner completes a class, the programs widget updates the class details with the user's status, grade, and completion date for that class.

Programs widget class more link

Select the More link to view all the class information.

Programs widget class information

Note: ELIS and fix an issue introduced in ELIS 2.7. If a learner is assigned to a track of classes they should only see classes that are assigned to the track in the Programs Widget.