ELIS 2014 Manual

Admin Folder

Programs Widget Settings

To edit the Programs block settings go to the ELIS Administration block > Admin > Widgets > Programs Widget. There are three sections to the settings, Sync User Grades, Progress Bar and Visible Fields.  

Sync User Grades

At the top of the page, you asked to determine if you wish to synchronize user grades. If checked, user grades are automatically synced when the widget initially loads on each page. 

Progress Bar
The Progress Bar is displayed next to programs in the Programs Widget to give learners a visual display of their progress in a program. Visible Fields are the fields shown/available to users for searching course descriptions, course sets, and class instances.

  1. Programs Widget link opens the settings page for the widget.
  2. Enable or disable the program progress bar here.
  3. Edit the colors of the bar using color grid or enter the # directly. The progress bar has three color settings.
Program widget progress bar settings

Visible Fields

In the Visible Fields section highlighted fields will be available for users to search/filter with. The Visible Fields section is further broken down into Program, Course Set, Course Description and Class Instance sections. 

In order to set a given filter value for a field, first click on the Lock option.

Then, entered the desired filter in the Filter Value field. 

Depending on the field settings, the filter value may be presented as a drop down menu. To highlight a field in a drop down menu filter value field, select it. To highlight multiple fields, select and hold on the top field then scroll down to include the fields you want, or use Shift + select. 


Filter values may also be set as a date range. Use the date fields provided to select the date desired. 


Note that each filter field has a default visibility setting. If you do not select a visibility setting, it is set to the default. The filter changes do not get saved.

Custom fields are included in the lists of fields.  Custom fields are set to be hidden by default. In the following example a custom class instance field has been added to the site. It has not been highlighted yet so it would not be available for filtering at this point. Remember to select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen if the page was edited.

A view of the Programs Widget is shown below. The Progress Bar is to the right. The search icon next to courses has been selected and any of the fields can be added to the screen for filtering.

View of the program widget