ELIS 2014 Manual

ELIS 2.7 from a Learners Perspective

Auto-enrolled vs. self-enrolled courses

In ELIS, the program administrator can set up courses so that they are auto-enrolled or let the students choose their own classes from a list in their learning plan.

Tracks are used to auto-enroll users in classes. If a required course is set to be auto-enrolled in a track by the program administrator, then students who are in the track will be automatically added to the first available class(es) of that track which they meet all the prerequisite and/or co-requisite requirements for.

If the available classes are full, learners then will be placed on the waitlist until a seat becomes available for them.

Programs are used to enable users to self-enroll in classes. For this to work the course the class is an instance of must be assigned to a program and the user must be assigned to the program. Learners can then choose from all available class instances of the course descriptions assigned to the program they are assigned to. If a course has prerequisites, then they will not be able to choose a class of that course until they have met the prerequisite requirements.