ELIS 2014 Manual

Admin Folder

LearningPlan Widget

LearningPlan Widget Settings

To edit the LearningPlan block settings go to the ELIS Administration block > Admin > Widgets > Learning Plan.

This brings you to the LearningPlan widget editing page. Here, you may edit the settings that dictate how the widget is displayed and the information it contains.

Basic Settings

  • Sync User Grades: The default setting is “Yes.” If enabled, user's grades will be sync'd when the widget is initially loaded on a page.
  • Un-enrolled Classes: The default setting is “No.” If enabled, the Learning Plan widget will display un-enrolled classes as well as currently enrolled classes.
  • Always show grades for incomplete classes: The default setting is “No.” If enabled, the widget will always show a user’s current grade, even in unfinished classes.

Progress Bar Settings

If desired, a progress bar can be displayed for students. This bar helps them track their progress through their courses. The following settings are used to set up the progress bar.

Enabled?: The default setting is “Yes.” This setting allows you turn the progress bar feature on or off. If it is set for on for a course that that not have required credits set, the progress bar will not appear.

The next three settings allow you to choose what color you wish the bar to display for various levels of progress. You may select a different color for 0-49% completion, 50-79% completion and 80-100% completion.

You may select the color in one of two ways. First, by clicking on the desired shade in the large color field, as shown above.

Alternately, you may select a precise shade by ending a Hex color code in the text box beneath the color field.

When you are finished, click Save Changes to apply your settings.